How To Get Google Adsense Approval in [1 Minute] - 2022

What are the requirements for Adsense Approval and how you can get Google Adsense Approval in a single day and this post is going....

What are the requirements for Adsense Approval and how you can get Google Adsense Approval in a single day and this post is going to be very useful for you?

I know you must have tried to get google AdSense approved but you have not got google Adsense approval.

If you are searching on google how to get google AdSense approval then in this post I am going to tell you that you can get google Adsense approval on your blogger by using the right best trick then don't worry because we also know That new blogger gets admin approval very hard.

And with the help of Google Adsense, any blogger can earn online by writing posts on his blog. But for that, he should have an approved account of Google Adsense, so that you can earn your online earnings by putting Google Adsense ads on your blog posts.


Why Google Adsense Approval is Important for Bloggers

When a person creates a new website, he wants to get the Google Adsense to account approved as soon as possible, but it is not so easy to approve the Google Adsense account, nor is it impossible to get the Google Adsense Approval Apps Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is the advertising program of Google itself. Which is trustable and by far the best of all the programs. and you can trust it.

When you know the terms and conditions of Google Adsense approval, then you will find it very easy. I applied only once, we got adsense approval

Why Google Adsense Blog Doesn't Get Approval

Nowadays Google Adsense keeps changing its policy as if someone changes clothes because today it has become very easy to create a blog or website. Because of this Google Adsense is becoming equally strict.

Best Google Adsense Account Approved Tips In 2022

If you do all these terms of Google Adsense for your blog website which are given below then you will get Adsense approval within a day or in 1 minute.

#1 Create necessary Pages for the blog

To get Google Adsense Approval, you have to create a page like Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Term and Condition on this website in your blog.

And in the About page, give correct information about your blog, on which topic your website or blog is. And also give your living address so that the Google team can trust you.

And on the Contact Us page, users can easily contact you. Make such a form and add it so that the user does not have any problem contacting you.

#2 Write high-quality and unique contacts

Friends, if you are really serious about your blog, then you write high-quality content on your website or blog and you do not have to copy from anywhere and check the plagiarism of your content before sending it for approval.

#3 Don't Write Illegal & Violet Content

By illegal content or violet content, we mean that you should never publish hacking, rummy content gambling, or AUD*T content on your website. If you do this then you will never get Google Adsense approval for your website and if most of the new bloggers make this mistake, then you do not have to do this at all.

#4 Buy Top TLD domains and professional email only

If you are trying to get Adsense approval on a free domain like .tk .ml or .ga then you are never going to get Adsense approval. That's why you should always buy top-level domains like.COM,.IN, .NET etc. So that you can get Google Adsense approval easily and if you want, you can buy a professional e-mail related to your domain like:-

 अगर आपको डोमिन खरीदना नहीं आता है- How to buy Domain

#5 Use User, Friendly Themes Blog, Adsense

Before applying to Google Adsense, you should check whether the theme of your website is user-friendly and whether it is ads friendly or not.

#6 Domain Should Be 1 Month Or Elder

Google Adsense has many policies, one of which is that if your blog is on Blogger then you should apply only after 5 months and if your website is on WordPress then it should be above at least 1 month and after that you Google you can apply for AdSense anytime.

#7 Don't Use Any Other Ad Network

Most new bloggers make the mistake that they put an ad network on their new website or blog to test another ad network. Because of this, they do not get Google Adsense approval, so if you ever want to get Adsense approval, then do not use any ad network and you have to wait for a while to get Adsense approval.

#8 Avoid From Fake and Spam Traffic

To get the approval of Google Adsense, you do not need much traffic, then just create your profile from your website on Facebook or YouTube or any other platform connected to your blog and you focus on bringing online traffic and not BOT traffic.

#9 Use SSL Certificate

There is a lot of advantage to put an SSL certificate on your website, it keeps the trust of your users with your website and Google gives more value to these websites there are more chances of getting Google Adsense approval and you can also save from hacker. If you use such an SSL certificate.


Friends, if you pay attention to all these points, then no one can stop you from getting Google Adsense approval. And you can easily get the approval of Google Adsense, then you just have to go to your website and check all these points which I have told you in this post whether they match with your website or not.

 And if you like this post today, then comment and tell me if you want to see more informative posts then you will get them on this website.

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